Hartz Dog ToysHartz dog toys are certainly nothing new, but that’s because the company has been working to create products for pets for more than 80 years. It’s how they have become such a trusted name in the industry. People love their pets, and taking care of them is important. Even occasionally spoiling them is a way to show how much you love your pets.

Hartz offers everything from toys to training solutions to flea remedies and more. Although there are plenty of options available for products to choose from this brand that are ideal for their purpose, here are some of the more popular options:

• Hartz Dura PlayDura Play is part of the line of toys that Hartz offers including the Bone, Ball, Football and Tosser. The Dura Play is designed to be a unique chewing experience for canines. The construction is a soft latex exterior and foam filled inside. The end result is a toy that is flexible and enjoyable while also being durable enough for a dog to chew and play with. It also provides the perfect texture as well as resistance that is ideal for chewing. It means these toys can withstand the test of even the most aggressive of chewing dogs and still last for a long time.

• Hartz Chew ‘n Clean – If you haven’t already used the Chew ‘n Clean line for your dog, you can probably still guess what it’s all about from the name itself. There are several different choices from this line of Hartz products intended to clean your dog’s teeth and mouth while they chew and play. There is a teething ring, bone and other chewable options.

The teething ring, for example, is bacon flavored and is meant to bring together dental benefits and enjoyable times. The dog stays interested but also gets great dental benefits. His gums are massaged and the tartar build up is reduced while your dog chews on this ring. It is perfect for puppies and can keep them from chewing items you want to avoid them gnawing on. It is also great for older dogs who still love to chew.

• The Dental Duo from the Hartz Chew ‘n Clean line is another popular option. It is a chew toy as well as a treat all combined. It is safe for dogs who love to chew and also lasts longer than your average treat toy. The best part is the bacon flavor that dogs love.

• Hartz Flexa Foam – This is also another popular material from Hartz for dogs and there is some crossover with the Dura Play for certain items. What is available from the Flexa Foam line includes the Football, Zoo Balloons and Ball. The difference between these and some of the other toys available is that the material is slightly softer and has a better type of bounce back action. In addition, these toy or chew options for dogs are also even more durable and lack any trace of rubber odor.

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Hartz Loves Your Dog

One of the best ways to care for your four-legged best canine friends is to make sure they have everything they need. This is much easier when a company such as Hartz exists to help you supply what you need, whether it is training devices or toys. In addition to everything already mentioned, Hartz still offers plenty of great things for pets, especially dogs, including even grooming, nutrition and so much more.

When it comes to training your dog, one of the most challenging tasks is getting them house broken. For that reason, Hartz offers plenty of products to help make the job easier. They have Home Protection Pads as well as Home Protection Stain & Odor Remover for when your dog is first trying to learn a new habit. Once your dog advances to outdoor potty breaks, you can also find the Pick-up Bags and Dispenser will come in super handy.

Toys are truly one area where Hartz has got your pet covered. Currently they have sub-categories including:

• Plush Toys
• Chew Toys
• Toss & Retrieves
• Dental
• Hartz Angry Birds
• Accessories

The options seem almost unlimited for the type of pretend animals your pet can play with and the things these toys can do.

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Healthy Inside & Out

Grooming is another area where dog owners always need a better variety of choices. Hartz offers everything from shampoos and conditioners to tools to spray and wipes. If you are looking for nail clippers, a decent brush or anything else grooming related, this brand has you covered. In fact to stop being covered by your pet’s fur, Hartz even offers a Groomers Best Fur Fetcher meant to help dog owners remove loose fur while avoiding cutting fur.

The health and well-being of your dog is important because you want your best friend to live a long and healthy life. Hartz knows this, which is why it offers a variety of health and wellness products such as dog vitamins and supplements, dental aids, milk replacement and more. Whether you want to make sure your dog has the best dental hygiene or need some doggie aspirin to help with aches and pains, this brand can help you with your pup’s overall health.

Flea and tick control is another big deal when it comes to caring for your dog and also keeping your home manageable during flea season. Hartz offers a variety of choices including products such as collars, sprays, dewormers, powders, ear mite treatment and even home and yard coverage.

Of course Hartz also offers products such as their treats and chews plus almost anything you could need to help give your dog the good life. It is important to care for your dog or any of your pets because they are an extended version of your own family. Hartz dog toys are just one of many products from this company that can help make that possible. Find out what’s in store so your dog can get all the TLC they need.

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