About hartzdogtoys.com

I created this site to bring together information, reviews and recommendations for dog toys from Hartz. It’s a site that I hope others who a looking for dog toys will find useful and enjoy.

I am not connected with nor do I claim to be from Hartz, I’m just a dog owner who happens to rate their toys highly, my dog loves them.

Remember the days of driving all over town just to find a new toy for your dog? Sure, it’s always fun but most people simply don’t have the time to do that these days.

I love browsing dog toys online. The best part about it is that I generally find them to be much cheaper online than they are in brick and mortar stores. This is due to the lack of overheads of online pet stores. Good news for us who love to spoil our dogs with new playthings!

We always love to hear feedback on our site, so drop us an email or leave a comment on our site.


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