Hartz Angry Birds

Hartz Angry BirdsWhy are the Hartz Angry Birds a favorite toy of dog owners and dogs alike? It might have something to do with the fact that not only are they based on the wildly popular game but they are also adorable as well. Since there are several to choose from, in various sizes, it is important to know which is best for your pet. The type of games that you like to play with your dog might also influence your choice of the Angry Bird toy that you choose.

View the Hartz range of Hartz Angry Birds, can be ordered online and delivered direct to you..

Always Choose a Toy that is Safe for Your Pet

One of the biggest threats to a pet’s safety is choking. To determine if a toy is too small for your dog, look at the size of his mouth. Inspect all toys frequently to make sure that they are not ripped or frayed so that he does not get small bits and pieces off of them. There are several varieties of the Angry Bird toys – in a number of different sizes. Whether you want the pigs or the birds, make sure that you are getting the toy that your dog can pick up but not get completely into his mouth.

The flyer disk which features the Red Angry Bird on the front is a good choice especially if you have a dog that likes to chase these types of toys. Some dogs are very naturally attracted to leaping and catching flying toys others are not. Another toy choice perfect for all sizes of dogs is the two headed toy which has a different Angry Bird character on each end.

Some experts worry that playing games like tug of war with your dog can increase his aggression and may cause potential behavior problems. However, most dogs do like to play this way and do not react negatively. If you are playing tug with your young puppies be aware of his teeth which will start coming out around four months. He might yelp or cry if they are pulled out while playing and may even bleed a little bit, but don’t worry, he will be fine!

Big and Plush Toys for Bigger Dogs

If your dog is on the larger size, the larger size of Angry Birds in plush might be a good idea. They have a sound chip which makes a number of different sounds directly from the game. Those sounds are meant to engage the dog to play and may encourage him to get a little more active. Dogs that are reluctant to play may even be willing to give these a nibble or two. Be careful with dogs that are known to destroy stuffed toys however, they might tear apart and then devour their Hartz Angry Birds toys.

View the Hartz range of Hartz Angry Birds, can be ordered online and delivered direct to you..

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  1. Mary Michael

    My Golden loves the Pig rubber toy from Angry Birds. He “eats” all plush toys, but this one he has played with and carried in his mouth for a long time. He has not destroyed it, but chewed off the beak on the red angry bird. Are these plastic/ rubber toys still available to purchase?

  2. Maria Flores

    My dachshunds Annie who is 7 years old, is in love with angry bird hardhat that is her favorite toy,she had 3 now she is on her last squeezeble ,ragged ave torn up toy. Been looking b for them but can’t find them can u tell me who carries them.

  3. Darryl Mazerolle

    Almost 5 years I came across these angry birds dog toys by Hartz at a dollar store in Chatham On..i bought 4 of these for my then puppy and he loves them, but one time the grandson was here and thought they should be his so he taken 2 home..we still have a blue one and a yellow one..these are the only toys he hasn’t ruined, mind you the voice box is broken.. where can I find these if I can???

  4. Elizabeth Thompson

    I am trying to find the large latex angry bird squeeky toy. Where may I purchase these squeeky toys?

  5. Elizabeth Thompson

    I would like to purchase the angry bird latex squeeky toy. Where may I do so?

  6. Millie

    HELP! The Angry Birds Helmet-Head Pig (latex squeaky dog toy) is my dog’s absolute favorite toy. He’s had his since he was a pup (he’s 8 now) and it’s the only toy of his that has survived this long, but it’s finally wearing out. Where can I get a replacement (or two) of it? (I’ve checked Amazon, eBay and googled it, but with no luck.). Thanks in advance!

  7. These talking Angry Bird plush toys are not available any longer? My dog loved these things. They are a long time broke now but she still tries to make them talk. Can’t find them available now.

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