Hartz Dura Play

Hartz Dura PlayAs with everything in life, there’s good and bad, and with a Hartz Dura Play toy, it’s all good! Whether you have a cute cat or dog or any other small animal for that matter, making sure your furry friend has top quality toys to play with should be a priority. Let’s break the pets down into three groups for simplicity:

Dogs – Dogs love to play, and they also need it to be interesting and with these toys your dog is going to keep busy for hours! A few of the most popular dog toys are:

• Dura Play Ball
• Bend ‘N Tug
• Dura Play Bone
• Catch Me If You Can
• Cotton Tug
• Tiny Dog Dental Duo
• Dura Play Zoo Balloons

There are just so many to choose from that purchasing even just a couple is going to help keep your beloved dog happy and healthy.

View the range of Hartz Dura Play, can be ordered online and delivered direct to you..

Cats – Cats are cute and cuddly and definitely independent — meaning it’s very important for you to keep them happily busy when you’re not around to entertain. Getting this brand to play with is going to give you a piece of mind and keep your little buddy happy. A few of the more popular cat toys are:

• 3 Pack Mini Mice
• Battabout with Catnip
• Angry Birds Birds Gone Crazy
• Birds Of A Tether
• Bizzy Balls
• Cat Catch
• Angry Birds Catnip Heads

There are just so many great toys to choose from it’s hard to pick just one. In fact you should load up on these just in case you come across a rainy day.

Small Animals – It doesn’t matter whether you pet is a gerbil or hamster, they all need quality playtime and quality toys to go along with it. Regardless of size, your small fury pet needs exercise to stay happy and live a long and healthy life, and with this it really isn’t going to need any convincing.

Many of the cat toys and smaller dog toys are perfect for your sweet pet and a Hartz Play City is an excellent wonderland for your hamster to call home. Much better than a boring box at that!
Many people search all over town looking for top quality toy products for their pet and end up empty handed or perhaps they find a few things that end up being a disappointment.

Either they break quickly or they just don’t perform as they should, and both you and your pet end up frustrated. Play time is supposed to be fun time and with a Hartz Dura Play toy, that’s exactly what it will be.

Don’t waste your time and money on a toy you hope might be nice for your beloved pet. Stick with top quality and affordable and that’s exactly what you get with a Hartz Dura Play every time.

View the range of Hartz Dura Play, can be ordered online and delivered direct to you..

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  1. Carl Gerving

    I am looking for the Hartz Dura Play Bone . (small 6″ size)
    Are they still available. My She po just loves them.

  2. Shaila Montana

    I have been disappointed not to find Hartz Dura Play balls for larger dogs. I used to be able to get them at walmart and petsmart… I have a Rottie mix and he is about 70lbs, he adores balls, but will destroy a ball in record time until I found the Dura Play balls.. each ball last him about 3 months before it has been totally destroyed… I have found no other ball to outlast the Dura Play ball.

  3. joan carlin

    Please where can I get multiple small footballs. This is my long-haired dachshund favorite ball of all time and she loves to play non stop. I have bought about 20 so far for her..(some big friends chew them or they wear out!) and now can’t find them anywhere….please help

  4. Bernie Nowlan

    is there anywhere in edmonton i can buy the dura play foot ball for small dogs

  5. Shelley Lynch

    Please let me know where I can find the large duraplay footballs. My dog can’t get enough of them!

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