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Hartz Flexa Foam ToysIf you have been looking for a new toy for your pets, you should try the Hartz Flexa Foam. This line by Hartz is designed to allow your pets to play for hours without the pain and strain on their teeth. Ordinary toys are made from plastics that are not as durable and can be very rough on the mouths of your pet.

The new foam that these toys are made from makes for a great day of play, and also are long lasting. They are very popular among pet owners and are relatively inexpensive. Most pet toys are normally chewed up and ruined within a short period of time. This will not happen with the new foam ones. They are designed to take the pressure from your pet and expand as they are played with. These toys come in a number of varieties.

View the Hartz Flexa Foam range here, can be ordered online and delivered direct to you..

Here are some examples of what they are available in:

• Balls
• Bones
• Animals

They are also available in a wide arrange of colors and sizes made to fit the need of all pets. The foam substance they are made from provides a soft, cushiony toy that can be played with for hours and hours. You definitely will not find yourself going back and forth from the pet store to purchase more toys. Your pet will love you for giving them this new technology. Besides being available in a large variety, they also do more than look good.

Here are a few aspects of these toys that may entice you to run out and buy one today:

• Bounce
• Float

With these aspects alone it will be hard to drag these toys away from the mouths of your pets. That’s why the Hartz name brand has been so successful for many years. They have used new technology and created a line of toys that have become the newest trend among pet owners.

These toys are made for a large variety of dogs. Unfortunately, this line is not specifically designed for cats unless they tend to play with dog toys.

The ages, these toys are available for, are for the following:

• Puppies
• Adults
• Seniors

You should check the tags before purchasing them first because toys that are designed for puppies will not be good for adult and seniors as they have more biting power. Always do research before purchasing these toys as there are many varieties and styles to choose from.

View the Hartz Flexa Foam range here, can be ordered online and delivered direct to you..

The health and daily regimen of your pet all depends on how you have trained them. Even play time fits into this category. If you have done this correctly and find yourself playing with your dog daily as some breeds require countless hours of play, then your pet should be able to live a long and healthy lifestyle. That’s just one more reason to purchase these new foam toys. Not only do they last forever, but they provide a healthy and effective way to play.

Your pet deserves the best, and as a pet owner you should give your pet the best toys available. So the next time you are visiting your local pet store, you should really consider purchasing these new foam toys. Not only will your pet be happy, but so will you when you see the price of them. They are very affordable and are readily available in large selections.

The only trouble that you will encounter with these toys is deciding which one to choose. That’s just another reason to go with the Hartz line. They not only provide you with a variety of products but also provide you with a peace of mind. A healthy and long lasting toy will bring countless hours of entertainment to any household.

These toys are great for all types of environments. Here are some examples of places to utilize these toys:

• Outdoors
• Dog Shelters
• Cages
• Indoors

So wherever you and your pet play, always remember that these toys can be used anywhere and at any time of the day. Even pet trainers have recommended these toys for obedience and play.

From Boxers to Shelties, any type of dog will learn to love the Hartz Flexa Foam.

View the Hartz Flexa Foam range here, can be ordered online and delivered direct to you.. or why not take a look at over 100 of the most popular Hartz dog toys available.

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  1. I have a problem locating Dura Play Flexa Foam dog bone medium size in BLUE, only BLUE & only in medium. Please tell me where I can purchase them & not break the bank. It’s honestly amazing how the same product can have SO many different prices.

    Thank You,

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