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For most of us, there is nothing we wouldn’t do to make sure our pets are healthy and happy, including making sure that we get the best products from Hartz for dogs. Everything you need to take care of your best friend is available from Harts, from medications to toys to food and a whole lot more. You can even find everything you need to groom your pets at home, all at prices you can actually afford. These products can be found at pet and pet supply stores, and other stores, such as department and grocery stores, that sell pet supplies. You can also find them online.

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Your Dog’s Health

Hartz for DogsYou can get many products from them that are specifically made for the health of all sizes and breeds. You will find multivitamins and dental products, as well as products that will clean out their ears quickly and easily. They even have their own type of aspirin, and pills for joint care. For puppies, you can get nutritious milk replacements, and even nursing bottles for puppies who can’t be with their mothers for one reason or another.

Play Time

There is a huge assortment of toys that your pets will love playing with. All dogs seem to love stuffed animals, and you can keep your kids’ toys safe from being chewed by getting yours one of the soft, chewy stuffed toys available. There are all kinds of different types of chew toys to choose from, including rubber and rope, and of course, you will find a large assortment of various colored balls to play fetch with.

Train Your Dog

Hartz DogsYou can even find different types of training aids that will keep you from having to spend a lot of money on professional dog training. If you are training your puppy not to use the bathroom indoors, there are special training mats you can get that will absorb wetness and odors when mistakes are made. These mats are available in larger sizes for older dogs who have problems with incontinence. There is also a spray you can use to keep yours from chewing on things like shoes and furniture. While you are walking your dog, you need to pick up after him, and they also carry special tie handle bags just for this purpose.

No matter what you need, you can get it from Hartz. From toys to vitamins to food and much, much more, you will find the things he loves, at an affordable price. Go online today, or visit your local pet store to see some of the many products that are available from Hartz for dogs.

View the Hartz range of products here, can be ordered online and delivered direct to you..

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  1. Carol Carter

    Dear Hartz,

    A year or two ago you made a latex ice cream cone for dogs. We purchased three, two are gone now, and know that our last one will not last forever. It is our dog’s favorite dog toy. Does anyone have any to purchase? Please let me know.

    Thank you,

    Carol Carter

  2. Karen O'Neill

    We are looking for the Frisky Frolic Ice Cream Cone also. It was our dog’s favorite and she doesn’t want anything else we tried to give her. Thank you for any leads.

  3. Carol Carter

    You need to make the ice cream cone again. I have people checking at all Hartz dog toy providers in various states and no luck. We would love to have the cone made again.

    Thank You,

    Carol Carter

  4. Ashley Crum

    I am also looking for the Frisky Frolic Ice Cream Cone. I have purchased 2 in the past, and my mom’s dog Peaches is on her third one, she takes it to bed with her every night but it is so torn up I would like to purchase a new one. It’s her favorite!!!

  5. carrie walsh

    Our boxer, Dude, loves his Frisky Frolic ice cream cone toy. Now it is all chewed up. All you have to say is, “Go get squeaky” and he runs in search of it…no matter where it is he finds it. It seems like that is an extremely popular toy with a lot of dogs so why not bring it back??

  6. Carol Carter


  7. Pat Patience

    The Frisky Frolic ice cream cone toy was my dog’s favorite, and I want you to bring it back! It was first recommended to me by a clerk in the grocery store, who told me that it was his dog’s favorite too.

  8. Linda Slobodzian

    I am trying to find Frisky Frolic ice cream cone toy, for my English Bulldog. Try ordering it from Amazon that showed they had 4 in stock and I received 4 frisky frolic toys but no ice cream cone. Can someone help this is the only thing my Betty will play with.

  9. Hartz Frisky Frolic Ice Cream is our dog’s favorite toy as well. I will buy a dozen! Amazed how much the dog loves that toy. We tried the other Frisky Frolics with no luck.

  10. Kevin

    I have been looking for years now for a place to buy the Yellow Ice cream cone dog toy. My dog loves it even though it is ripped and no longer squeaks. i to would buy at least ten of them.

  11. Pebbles is a huge fan of the Frisky Frolic yellow ice cream cone. She has many other dog toys, but that one has always been her favorite go-to toy of all time! How sad she’s going to be in the near future, because she has no more spares. Her last one is slowly drifting away, as the squeaker just stopped working. I’ve been searching all around for her favorite toy, and it’s so sad to learn it’s no longer made. Please, oh please, begin making Pebbles’ favorite Frisky Frolic ice cream cone again…very quickly!!

  12. Hartz,

    Is there heart at Hartz? At the very least someone should reply to this thread about the Frisky Frolic Ice Cream Cone.


  13. My pug has one absolute favorite toy…and it is the Frisky Frolic Ice Cream Cone. He has had 3, and this last one is on it’s way out. I have searched EVERYWHERE for this toy. After reading the comments/posts in this forum, I see I’m not the only one looking for it. I will join the band wagon asking for you to make this toy again…If you read this, you must see how many people are talking for the pet, and how this toy is there favorite. Please bring them back!!!!

  14. martin

    as a business you exist to make money. everyone wants the yellow ice cream cone so what’s the problem? i’ve tried your other products and my dog either doesn’t like them or tears through it, the cone was your winner so why would you stop making it? from a business perspective it doesn’t make any sense. it’s like you’re saying you don’t want to be more profitable.

  15. Our dog has three spiky cones. Only one squeaks. It keeps her going. Hartz: Chloe would say , if she could talk: I want my spiky cone. Please make these again.

  16. Sharon Hall

    My dog has the yellow ice cream toy with the spike hair.
    It’s been 9 years and it was his first toy. He loves this toy so much that I would buy 6 more just to have them in reserve. It has finally gotten demolished. He still wants the pieces but it’s not safe. Please make these again.
    I’m not the only one that wants one.

  17. I would buy 10 immediately if I could find them. I just hope that the one squeaker that we have left survives.

  18. Sarina

    Bring back the yellow ice cream cone please. I have been searching and searching. I too would buy several just to have reserves. Whenever I would see them at the store before is buy them all. My dog, Chauncey, goes crazy for this toy. I have yet to find you that he has the same reaction too. Please. We need this back.

  19. Please make the ice cream cone again! My Shih Tzu / Bichon mix named Oliver has had his since he was 11 weeks old (2 1/2 years old now) – it is his absolute favorite. We call it “cone man” and he knows that toy by name. He does the “Bichon Blitz” with it twice a day. Hysterical watching him dash around the house squeaking it like crazy. This dog will be devastated if “cone man” pops one of these days. The other toys do not cut it – he wants his CONE MAN !!!!

  20. Marty poe

    Looking everywhere for yellow ice cream cone. This is the only toy she will play fetch with. We are on the second toy in six years and this one won’t last forever. Does anyone from hartz monitor this board?

  21. Anna Lee

    My dog turned ten this year. The ice cream toy was his first and the only one he kept intact. It was his favorite. He is sad for his tenth birthday because a few days ago his toy developed a small hole. Ten years must be the lifetime of this toy and there are no others to be found anywhere. I find it hard to understand why such a popular toy is apparently off the market forever. Can’t we have at least a limited time production so my old man can go into old age with a replica of his best friend?

  22. Renae

    The ice cream cone squeaky is without question our dogs favorite toy. We call it his soother as for the past 6 years – it is in his mouth from morning to night. I keep hoping it will be on the store shelves again – please make a lot of dogs and dog owners happy by producing it again!

  23. RHONDA

    My dog is devastated, the ice cream man toy has been destroyed. PLEASE MAKE THE TOY AGAIN. She is hearbroken

  24. Maggie

    I completely agree with all of the above comments. I think it is amazing that so many dogs love this product and they took it off of the shelves. It is a simple fix HARTZ! Please make the toy again! It breaks my heart watching my dog carry around this old ice cream cone with a hole.

  25. Maggie

    It would make my dog the happiest pooch in the world to have the cupcake back. He loves it more than anything else. I would love to see you make it again.

  26. This cone is my dogs absolute favorite toy. She is on her second and we have been desperately looking everywhere for another one but no luck. I see from comments above that I’m not alone in the search for the favorite come. Hartz…please bring this toy back!!!!

  27. The cone is the only toy our dog Molly will play with. She has a huge basket full of other toys we have bought to try make her happy. She had two cones and one is destroyed so she has only one precious one left. She carries it around in her mouth all day waiting for someone to throw it for her. We check every store we go into but there is nothing else on the market that is the right size and shape for her mouth. She absolutely loves it and I don’t know what she will do once her remaining one gets a hole in it. I agree with everyone else on this sight…Hartz have a heart and bring back this toy!!!

  28. Ellie

    Dear Hartz… Please bring back the yellow spiked ice cream cone. “Mr Squeaky” is our dog’s favorite thing. Mr Squeaky is now Frankensteined together with the bottom cut off and a matching sized ball stuck inside. We have had this toy since Sebastian was a puppy and he is now 7yo.
    Please help.

  29. Donna Hill

    My dachsund, Emma, absolutely loves her frisky frolic ice cream cone toy! The squeakers gone and the bottom’s shredded out, but that’s still her favorite toy! Is there anywhere to buy them, because I would buy a case right now!! Lol! Please let me know—thanks! :D!

  30. Rosalie

    Very sad to hear that I’m not the only one that has this big problem. Our 11 year old cocker spaniel has had this toy since we got him as a puppy. We have gone through 3 in his lifetime. He takes this toy everywhere, even to bed. When he gets up in the morning, the first thing he does is finds this toy and he is happy for the day. He is obsessed with it. We’ve tried every toy there is, he only likes this one. Please please please make this toy again for all these poor doggies!!!

  31. Taylor

    Take a look at any of the comments, will you ever bring back the yellow ice cream cone!!

  32. Melanie

    Hello! I am trying to locate a small Hartz Roundabout Elephant squeaky toy. My deceased dog loved it so much and I had many happy memories of her playing with it. If anyone knows where I can find one (or two), would you please let me know? Thank you kindly.

  33. Dan Scott - La Habra, CA

    Please, please bring back the yellow ice cream squeaky toy. It’s my dog’s favorite. I have a basket full of toys and my dog digs to find that one, most of the time. I’m on my second one, after 12 years and that one is almost destroyed. I found one at Kmart, last month, but it was defective – no squeaker inside. Looks like you kept the same name and sku number yet changed the actual product so in-stock inventory for that picture on website is deceptive. That toy is also my sister’s dog’s favorite toy too and she is looking too. Please let me know when item is back. Thank you.

  34. Karen Lewis

    We want the ice cream cone brought back again too! There is nothing like it. I would order a dozen or more. Our Westie LOVES it, but we have been unable to replace.

    A reply from Hartz as to why it was discontinued would be much appreciated–and if it can be brought back!

  35. Taylor

    I would like to get my dog her favorite toy, the squeaker has been out for years and it’s about to rip in half but it still the only one she will play with. Bring back the frisky frolic ice cream cone.

  36. Rhonda Light

    Hey Hartz…. we all want the ice cream toy back. My dog is devastated that her toy broke.

  37. Allison

    My dog Sparky loves the yellow ice cream toy too!! It is her favorite toy and she still carries it around the house every day. We have had it for about ten years. I am desperately trying to find a new one as it is badly worn. Please make this toy again!!! So many people are searching for it.

  38. Joy Smith

    We have looked everywhere for the cone as well – I would love it so much if you brought it back. Why not do it? There must be great demand!

  39. Guy Jacques

    Please bring back the yellow spiked ice cream cone toy. It was my dog’s favorite, but now is just a torn up old thing. Make more!

  40. Joy Smith

    I will add my voice to bringing back the ice cream cone – with this kind of demand, why not bring it back? I mean really, this passionate a following for a dog toy must mean something.

  41. Lesa Grayson

    Bring back the yellow ice cream cone!!!!!! What’s wrong with you people??????

  42. Amy Rice

    Several years ago I purchased 2 lavender hippos. My Yorkie; Rylee, absolutely loves them. That is the ONLY toy he plays with. The both of them are to the point of losing their legs….falling apart. Please bring the small size lavender hippo. I’ve looked everywhere for them….every store I go in. Thank you.

  43. carolyn sadeghy

    where can i buy the spiked yellow ice cream cone dog toy

  44. Looking for the Ice cream cone too. Willing to pay extra shipping and everything for our dog in canada!

  45. Jeffrey

    The ice cream cone is my also my Charlie’s favorite toy. He’s had that thing for probably eight years. We got another dog and tried our best to keep the new dog from that toy, but he eventually got it. Now it’s all torn up and doesn’t squeak. I was hopeful that I’d be able to find it until I came across this page. Please, please, please bring back the ice cream cone.

  46. Hi I am Shiva and I was adopted. When I came to my new home 5 years ago I brought my only possession in the world with me: Squeaky! It is very special to me, I only play with it very gently and I cry and whine when I do. It reminds me of something I love and miss. It is yellow and looks like a sea urchin living on top of an ice cream cone. I recently got a puppy sister and I decided I would share Squeaky with her (I have never shared Squeaky with another dog!). I am afraid if she plays too rough with Squeaky it will die! Can you please help me find another!?

  47. Preston

    My long hair brindle dachshund Harley absolutely loved this toy….it was the only latex squeaky toy he never tore up. With so many people sharing the same stories how can you as a company not listen?? I would pay $50 for a single one because I know my dog would be so happy. …please Hartz ….please bring it back!

  48. Shirley Martin

    Yep! I’ve been searching for the ice cream toy too! It was a favorite and Daisey won’t play with anything else. I only have half of it and that is the top part. Put it on a tennis ball ? not quit the same.

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