Hartz Lambswool Dog Toys

Hartz Lambswool Dog ToysThere is nothing better than an exciting toy to keep an energized dog busy. Whether you are looking for the perfect toy to play with your dog or simply something they can entertain themselves with, Hartz lambswool dog toys make for the ideal gift.

For kids, a video game or a brand new toy that just hit the market will surely brighten up their day. For your dog, these will have their tail wagging and their heart beating with excitement.

View the Hartz Lambswool Dog Toys here, can be ordered online and delivered direct to you..

The great thing about these is that they come in a wide array of sizes, colors and exciting shapes. You can purchase several and they will never get bored. It is just about the perfect size regardless of whether you have a big or small dog and is certainly going to keep them entertained throughout the day.

These are made with two materials ranging from lambswool and fabric to lambswool and rope. With this, it provides your dog with two textures to chew on. This is perfect for their teeth while also making for the perfect tug toy.

And because of the way it is constructed, the material is built to last. There is nothing more annoying than purchasing a toy only to watch it fall victim to your dog’s bite in a matter of days. With the Hartz lambswool dog toys, you can rest assured they will last through several play sessions with them.

From the material to the variations in size, shape and color to the rope providing for a tug toy, these toys are perfect for any and every dog.

View the Hartz Lambswool Dog Toys here, can be ordered online and delivered direct to you..

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  1. Will this stop my pet from using their teeth to rip up the rug at the seems? Bitterapple is not working.

  2. Mary A Vivian

    Apparently the brown monkey has been discontinued. This is very upsetting to me. I have purchased other Hartz toys but my Annie won’t have anything to do with them. Please Hartz bring it back in stock. We are on our last one and it won’t last much longer.

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