Hartz Oinkies

Hartz OinkiesThere is nothing like a delicious snack that satisfies the taste buds; especially when you are a dog. Much like people, it can get old eating the same dog food day after day and being “rewarded” with the same treats. Hartz has developed a unique and flavorful treat that is sure to be a winner in your pup’s eyes. Hartz Oinkies are the perfect snack for the perfect dog.

What makes these treats unique is how they are made and what they consist of. These pig skin twists are handmade to deliver a flavor unlike anything your dog has ever experienced before. With 100% all natural pig skin, it is oven-smoked to enhance the pork flavor that will have your pet salivating.

View the Hartz Oinkies here, can be ordered online and delivered direct to you..

There are a number of flavors, textures, and styles of treats on the market you can purchase for your dog. However, few compare to the all natural pig skin and chicken taste that your pet will savor. The only downside to these snacks is that it will have your dog begging for more.

These are rich in protein and come in two sizes to ensure dogs of all sizes can enjoy them. The twists and wraps make for a convenient carry so they can run to their comfortable spot or even burry it for later.

Just like in your diet, variety is a must. There is no room for the same food and treats day after day. A dog only lives so long, so why not treat them to something special from time to time. This is precisely what you will be doing when dropping delectable Hartz Oinkies in their vicinity.

View the Hartz Oinkies here, can be ordered online and delivered direct to you..

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