Hartz Power Chew Dog Toy

Hartz Power Chew Dog ToyThe Hartz power chew dog toy is ideal for anyone who wants to keep there pet occupied for a prolonged period of time.

Maybe you need to visit relatives or nip into town for three or four hours, whatever the reason this dog toy will provide hours of stimulation, dental benefits and ultimately reward for you dog.

This comes available in two sizes, large and extra large and varying colors including blue and pink. The toy provides a great workout for your dogs gums and provides endless hours of entertainment for you both. The toy bounces and floats.. I’m sure you can think up some games 🙂

Hartz dog toys are built to last, and are designed for both play and to benefit a dogs health.

At the time of writing the stock is very limited of these so there are no guarantees it’s still available, you can 100 of the most popular Hartz dog toys available.

If you have any comments about this product or in fact any of the dog toys featured on our site let us know below.

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  1. Jerry

    I tried ordering the large hartz power chew from amazon in December, but it is not available anymore. I have been looking for a while for this toy. My dog had one for 5 years, but lost it last year. It was his favorite. I ordered the extra large one, but he does not like it. The power chew that he had was a green color. The large power chew on amazon was a pinkish color. I assumed that maybe the color had changed over the years. I would love to be able to find this toy for him.

  2. Dog Guru

    Hi Jerry,

    It’s always the case when you find something you like isn’t it.. unfortunately the items not listed in the current Hartz online catalogue so I’m not sure if it might or might not appear again.. If I do see stock anywhere I will be sure to drop you a mail to let you know.

  3. kuapao

    My dog loves this chew toy. It is the only one that can withstand his powerful jaws. Each toy normally lasts him about one to two years. I only replace them because the tip looks ugly.

    I realized Hartz was going to discontinue the product so, I stockpiled six of the blue ones. I can’t find this anywhere now. I’m down to the last two.

    Those of you who also like this product, might want to contact Hartz to ask them to bring it back.

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