Hartz Roundabouts

Hartz RoundaboutsThe Hartz roundabouts are fun toys for your dog to chase and chew on. Here are highlights of the toy.

1. It is a soft foam toy with a unique squeak. The shape is kind of roundish which provides a lot of roll and random changes in direction.

Your dog will love chasing it and chewing on it for hours.

2. The construction is such that it take a lot of loving chewing without falling apart. It is constructed with a foam interior and sturdier latex exterior.

This is something which can hold up to a lot of abuse. The toy also makes a fun sound which adds to the toy.

View the Hartz Roundabouts here, can be ordered online and delivered direct to you..

3. This toy comes in two basic sizes – small and large. This makes it suitable for a wide range and size of dogs.

Your pet store and personal preference can help you decide which one is best for your dog.

4. It also has three different characters with this toy. There is the cute rolly polly elephant which is grey in color, with white toes, and an adorable red tongue.

The next is Mr. Gorilla which is brown in color with white chest and hands. He has a little sad face (maybe because he knows he’s going to get tossed and retrieved!).

And last but not least is the cuddly Kangaroo. He’s a cute orange type color and has a bit of attitude to him. A black nose with white trimmed ears adds to the effect.

These toys are all made very well and can handle a lot of what your dog can throw at him. They are washable so clean up if easy.

And the latex exterior protects the soft foam interior so your dog will have hours of fun chasing the toy and playing with it.

View the Hartz Roundabouts here, can be ordered online and delivered direct to you.. or why not take a look at over 100 of the most popular Hartz dog toys available.

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  1. Erin Morrison

    My name is Bailey. I’m a 7 year old Bichon. My mom Erin is helping me write to you. I wanted a new Roundabout kangaroo for Christmas but she couldn’t find any online. It’s discontinued on Amazon. I have the purple Roundabout hippo but it’s just not the same. The kangaroo is the only toy I play with and the one I have now is almost worn out.

  2. Tamara Miljevic

    My name is Tansy. I once had baby I licked it groomed it took it outside to teach it how to go pee and brought it to bed with me. My mom would play toss the baby and fetch; I would jump run and dance in delight all the time squeeking my baby to no end. My baby was the little roundabout grey elephant. One day we were playing toss the baby and my dad arrived home. We had stopped playing and I was whining a lot standing on a pillow behind my moms head as she sat on the bed. She thought dad had been eating French fries and dad kept saying something was burning. She couldn’t understand where the baby had gone and kept telling me to fetch. A few minutes later it was too late ….mom didn’t see that my baby had got tossed hit the bedroom door bounced into the lampshade and was now resting on the light bulb cooking away. My mom rescued my baby but it was too late a big gooey hole had burned all the way through. I miss my baby. I got a little orphan from China but it is hollow and does not have the wonderful soft feel of my roundabout baby. Please send me another baby. My mom has searched everywhere. Xoxox Tansy

  3. Melanie Roberts

    Hi – Would you be able to help me locate the Hartz Roundabout small elephant? This belonged to my beloved dog who passed and it was damaged by another doggie. It would be nice to be able to locate two of them. Thank you kindly.

  4. Melanie Roberts

    Hi. I am broken hearted. Can’t seem to find a replacement for the Hartz Roundabout small elephant my deceased dog loved so much. Can’t seem to find one on the internet. Would you please be able to help me locate another one? Thank you.

  5. Donald Vanderyajt

    My dog, Wally (Rat Terrrier), let his friend, Dougie (Rotweiler), play with his favorite toy, the small roundabout elephant. Unfortunately, Dougie destroyed it while playing with it. Now I can’t find a replacement anywhere, online or in brick and mortar stores! Has Hartz discontinued them? I hope not! Does anyone know where I might be able to purchase a replacement? I found a large hippo (too big for Wally), but the seller wanted $79 for it! Help! Wally is unhappy, which makes me unhappy!- Don and Wally

  6. Donald Vanderyajt

    BTW, I have contacted the Hartz company about the Roundabouts. They have informed me that the Roundabout toys have been discontinued, and referred me to another line of toys, Dura Play. Wally has other Hartz toys, but his go-to toy is still the Roundabout small elephant, damaged as it is. Perhaps, if enough other people contacted the Hartz company (via Facebook, email or snail mail), they might reconsider manufacturing the Roundabout line again. In the interim, I will continue my search of retailers, in the hope that there is still one somewhere, or maybe even a used one on eBay.

  7. Buddy

    Hi, my name is Buddy, I am 8 years old. I love my Roundabout elephant and gorilla toys. I was adopted, and didn’t even know what squeaky toys where when I came to my new forever home. But I learned quickly, how much fun I can have playing fetch, and it helps keep me trim and fit even in the winter when I can’t run around too much outside. But, I have just a few left, and Mom can’t find anymore of them ANYWHERE !! If anyone ever finds them, please let us know. Thank you !!

  8. Jamie

    My dog will ONLY play with the hartz roundabouts small elephant, hippo and gorilla….why have you made these unavailable when clearly every review I run across including my own is positive…I even had to order from the UK once to get the elephant in a pack of three. Please, reconsider bringing them back.

  9. My dog loves this toy. Now it is discontinued. I have tried many internet companies but cannot find one. Why would you discontinue a toy that is so lovable and practical.

  10. Melissa Shah

    I am desperately looking to buy a bunch of the Hartz Roundabout Elephant toy – it is literally the only dog toy my Australian Shepherd Freddy will play with, and my new Pomeranian Georgie loves it, too. I had bought three but Freddy left one out for the lawn mower to mangle and lost one out on the farm. So I’m down to one. Please, please tell me you still make it and that I can buy several.

  11. Sue H.

    My dog won’t play with anything but the roundabout elephant. I have searched everywhere! Please bring them back!!

  12. Elizabeth Fagan

    I TOO am looking for the elephant.
    I do not know what it is but my adopted dog brought her fav toy and it is disintegrating but she still wants Ellie. i am concerned because the toy has gotten all gooey.
    Please re issue !!!!

  13. Annette

    Bring back the small purple hippo!!!

  14. My two cairn terriers have been playing with the Hartz Flexa Foam Roundabout toys since they were puppies. They are now 8 yrs old and won t play with anything else. Shamus (male cairn) has to have one in his bowl to eat. HELP!!!

  15. There favorites are the small green elephant and the small purple hippo. We’ve tried other similar toys but they won’t have anything to do with them. Please bring them back !!!

  16. Cindy Mozingo

    Wow I see the little green elephant, Horton was extremely popular. This is my 12yr old French bulldog’s favorite toy. Years ago I bought all that Petco had. I have 1 left. I wish you would bring these toys back.
    Thank you

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