Hartz Tiny Dog Range

Hartz Tiny Dog RangeThe Hartz tiny dog range has toys just perfect for your tiny breed. This includes many different products which we’ll review here.

1. The first product is the dental duo. It’s called a dental duo because not only is this a great chew toy. but it also is a great dental aid that can help you to keep your dogs teeth sparkling clean.

The problem with most dog toys is that they are simply too big for tiny breeds. This product solves that problem and gives him a toy he can really enjoy.

It’s a great for keeping his teeth clean and breath fresher.

View the Hartz Tiny Dog Range here, can be ordered online and delivered direct to you..

2. Hartz also makes some cute plush toys in a wide variety of styles and colors. These are great chewing toys and can keep your pet entertained and calm.

3. You may want to look at the dental ball toy. You dog will love to chase and retrieve the ball.

It is also helps to clean his teeth when he settles down with it to chew.

4. Another terrific toy for your tiny breed is the aqua bone. It is a bone shaped toy which can be filled with water.

When your dog chews it, water trickles through tiny holes and refreshes him on a hot day.

It is constructed from durable materials so it can last. This toy is great during the hot summer months but it’s also a terrific outdoor and fetch toy.

The feedback on this toy has been particularly strong so it’s something to seriously consider.

View the Hartz Tiny Dog Range here, can be ordered online and delivered direct to you.. or why not take a look at over 100 of the most popular Hartz dog toys available.

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  1. Raeleah Brinson

    Hi.. I am looking for 3 of the little Hartz stuffed toys you used to carry.. they are a Pink elephant, Yellow Giraffe an a blue Hippp. They are my dogs favorites. I cant find them anyplace.. If you are still selling them can you please tell me where they are sold at? I live in Clackamas, Oregon
    Thank you Very Much
    Raeleah Brinson

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